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Since 1986, Crystal crop sciences ltd. ( CCS ) has been in the field of vegetable seed business in india and aboroad. its marketing network is spread all over india having offices at delhi, bangalore, kolkata, solan, guawahati and nasik.

Product developement is the main target and to achieve this target and to achieve this company has its R&D centers located at Sonepat ( Haryana ), Bangalore, Kolkata and Solan.

Making its activites more global, crystal crop sciences has recently established its marketing and contract breeding programme in south korea and in USA.

We consider our customers as our most valued business partners to whom we are committed to deliver quality products with highest purity standards, and for this we are supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced staff with sole motto to deliver the best seeds. Company's all products are put to minimum of two years of thorough testing and screening at its various research stations.


Our goal is to specialize in the development of specially F1 bybrids using advanced breeding technology, suitable to the needs of our customers from diverse agro climatic conditions.

Building strong trust and confidence among our world wide customers, through our quality products and services, has been ever remained our most important motto. Our strong technical team, consisting of well experienced breeders and production experts, helps us in achieving this goal.

We wish you a great success with crystal brand seeds and look forward to your valuable support.




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